Snow Business: More Game Management from Seirus

Company owner Mike Carey is an NFL referee.

The Seirus Cornice glove. Photo Credit: Chris Dehnel
The Seirus Cornice glove. Photo Credit: Chris Dehnel
Every season around Super Bowl time, my thoughts seem to turn to the latest glove line from Seirus. 

Maybe it's because company owner Mike Carey is an NFL referee.

For 2013-14, it's the HeatWave series catching the eye.

And two models stand out — the Reflector model with its leather shell and palm and DryHand insert for $119 or the HeatWave Cornice with a Pro fabric shell, a SoftGrip palm and a gore-tex insert for $69.99.

The Cornice gloves have been put to good use this winter because of all the snowy days. 

The gloves have a light feel to them without giving up warmth. I wrote that before checking the product pitch. Turns out, that is one of the major features behind the HeatWave "dual" warmth technology. It is a “kinetic heat-return system” that both reflects body heat back onto the hand and then amplifies it. The lining is designed to retain 20 percent more warmth inside the glove than traditional linings. Then there is Seirus' proprietary, engineered fibers that use kinetic energy created by body movement to amplify this reflected heat by 4 to 5 degrees.

The HeatWave series seems popular so far this season, says David McClure, the owner of New England Ski & Scuba in Vernon. 

To view the entire line, visit http://ww.seirus.com/"ww.seirus.com.

Chris Dehnel is a local editor for Patch. He has been writing about snow sports for about a dozen years and is a past president of the Eastern Ski Writers Association. His Snow Business column runs weekly during the season. 


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