JFK Talented and Gifted Students Make Presentations at Energy Expo

The JFK Talented and Gifted students presented their individual Power Points on recycling and alternative energy at the Feb. 23 Northern Connecticut Clean Energy Expo.

There was a reason why the 2013 Northern Connecticut Clean Energy Expo was held at John F. Kennedy Middle School: alternative energy and recycling plans at JFK.

The talented and gifted students have been working on two projects since last October. The sixth graders have been working on their "Go Greener, JFK" initiative. They implemented cafe recycling on Dec. 20, 2012, the first time cafe recycling has been done since 1969. They also wish to grant write for a greenhouse in order to supply food to the Enfield Food Shelf. Trees to beautify the campus and reduce JFK's carbon footprint is another pursuit of theirs.  Finally, creating a JFK Green Team to help with recycling efforts and tee shirt sales would greatly raise awareness.

The seventh and eighth graders' initiative is entitled "JFK Off the Grid." Their task was to investigate feasible forms of alternative energy for JFK. They researched solar, wind, bio fuels, hydroelectric, and geothermal. Solar, they concluded, is the most realistic clean and renewable energy for JFK. And their efforts paid off. Thanks to partnering with the Enfield Clean Energy Committee and the Enfield Town Council, the company Energize Connecticut will donate a 2 KW solar array to JFK. Grant writing can increase the power and size of the panels.

The students at the expo had other tasks like conducting a seminar about what the JFK TAG Program is accomplishing, interviewing clean energy vendors, answering questions at our exhibit, and running their Power Points.

Members of the JFK TAG Program include Matt Campo, Kyle Chester, Jeremy Comfry, Jacquelyn Daigneau, Rose Garrow, Zach Healy, Alex Jensen, Alex Krawiec, Erica Lovering, Alessia Manzi, Sydney Nash, Grace O'Neil, Kaylee Piotte, Sara Prosinski, Julia Radziewicz, Brian Ruel, Alaina Santos, Ethan Shea, Ashley Smith, Hannah Smith, Nick Steele, Skylar Steele, and Kevin Stroiney.

kathy marine February 26, 2013 at 02:10 PM
My Niece is Ashley I am so proud of her!!!


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