Enfield 's "Teacher of the Year" is an Innovator

Students use iPads daily

File photo
File photo

I’m 38 years-old and the following story blows me away at how old it makes me feel! Enfield’s Teacher of the Year Mary Almeida, who teaches first graders at Hazardville Memorial School, was honored for her innovations in the classroom, the Hartford Courant reports. 

Her pupils all utilize iPads daily and even blog. When I went to elementary school the Commodore 64 was the talk of tech nation. My have times changed!

Almeida’s pupils do their quizzes on their iPads, and she even communicates with parents through technology, the Courant reports. 

Almeida attended Alcorn, St. Bernard and John F. Kennedy Middle School. 

She will represent Enfield as its candidate for Connecticut teacher of the year. 


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