Kiner's Korner: Stand Up For Our Town and For Our Kids

Budget public hearing is Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Enfield High School.

An education is something that every child has a right to. No one can argue against that. The need to give our children the best possible education is something that most towns accept as fact. So why is it, that our town leaders have denied our children that right-the right to be on the same level playing field as children from other towns. These kids are all applying to the same schools and for the same jobs. Why is it that a child born in Enfield is not looked upon by some of our town leaders with the same respect as a child born to parents in almost every other town in Connecticut.

Bill Thomson, former BOE Chairman and now Chairman of the Enfield Democratic Town Committee, is absolutely on target when he says, "In talking to people around town, by far their greatest concern is what’s happened to the Enfield School System over the past few years. The school system has endured four straight years with a 0% budget increase. As a result, 116 positions have been eliminated, and academic and sports programs cut. And we’ve seen two elementary schools closed. It’s sad because I believe Enfield is the only town in the entire state of Connecticut that has gone four consecutive years without any increase to their school budget. Based on the statistics I’ve looked at, Enfield’s per pupil costs are now significantly lower than the state average."

There is something else that needs to be considered as well - property values. Corporations do locate in communities where their employees' children can get a good education. People do move to communities known for a good educational system. And when they do move and buy homes, real estate values increase. Longtime Town Councilman and realtor Cindy Mangini says,  "As a realtor, I see how important our education system is to our community. I do not want to see people leaving our town. Rather, I welcome people to Enfield. My hope is that with better opportunities for our students, this will be the trend. The BoE is asking for a fair and reasonable budget. I certainly do support their request!"

Thomson echoes Cindy's remarks when he says, "People are concerned not only about the impact these cuts are having on their children, they’re also becoming worried about the negative impact all these cuts to education are having on their property values. The Board of Education is asking for a 1.56% increase to their budget this year. I think that’s reasonable."

Both agree there is great concern in what has happened to the Enfield school system over the past few years.

Mangini says that there will be a number of "bring backs" with the Democratic BOE budget: "Specifically, a social worker, sports programs, and a guidance counselor.  An extension to the Autism program will help our students through the matriculation process."

The public hearing on the budget is scheduled for this Wednesday (April 25) at at 7 p.m. If you are concerned about our children, if you are concerned about property values, and if you are concerned about our town, please voice your concerns Wednesday. The only way to make our town leaders understand the will of the people, is to get out there and express that will.

Sam April 25, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Bill weren’t they able to have no increases in the education budget by forcing the school administration to start eliminating the waste that had been going on within the school system for many, many years. Didn’t they also take all the costs of upkeep and maintaining of the buildings and grounds over to the town side of the budget? Eliminating that cost from the school budgets. That sounds like a little increase in funds to the schools? maybe not. About the closing of the two schools, wasn’t that because there just is not enough students to support all the schools and teachers we have in town. Bill I like reading your articles, I usually find them quite entertaining. It is "liberally one sided" article and basically politically bias. Don’t you think Bill if for some reason people who have children in the Enfield school system do not think the Town of Enfield is supplying their children with a good “quality” education, and they feel that price is no object for public education is not a problem for them, then maybe they should consider paying for private school education for their children. Then I am sure they would have nothing to complain about because the more you spend on education the better education they will get. Isn’t that right?
Spiff April 25, 2012 at 02:24 PM
I'm wondering what a 1.56% increase to their budget is going to cost me. Does that mean my property taxes are going up 1.56%?
Elizabeth Davis April 25, 2012 at 09:46 PM
By law you must provide a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) to every student, I shouldnt have to go outside my town to find one. I believe a good education is the foundation to success in life. If we the tax payers have to leave our town and go to private schools, then we should be giving a voucher. This district is under performing and for that our child suffer.
Elizabeth Davis April 25, 2012 at 09:48 PM
Pending Approval Elizabeth Davis 5:46 pm on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 By law you must provide a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) to every student, I shouldnt have to go outside my town to find one. I believe a good education is the foundation to success in life. If we the tax payers have to leave our town and go to private schools, then we should be giving a voucher. This district is under performing and for that our children suffer.
Sam April 26, 2012 at 01:40 PM
I think if you really sit down and look at what enfield provides for education for our children and its results and dont just listen to someones liberal views such as this article I think you will find that Enfield is providing children with a very good education. It may not be "ivy league" but still a very good education. I will bet it also meets this "free and appropriate education" requirement that is mentioned here. Keep in mind that no matter how much money is put into Enfields education system there will always be people who will complain that the town is not doing enough. Most of the time these views are politically fueled. There is something that any resident who feels that education is underfunded can do though, If you really feel so strongly that you believe that your fellow taxpayers are not paying enough tax dollars towards education, in case you dont know there is an option on your property tax bill, to just check the box and add an additonal amount of money that will go directly to the school system. Anyone who believes education is underfunded and feels they do not pay enough in property taxes has the option to do this. For as bad as the economy is, Enfield provides its residents with good services and also a good education system for its children anyone who tells you different is full of it. Dont always believe what you hear from a disgruntled parent or what you read in the newspaper.
Marty Salvatore May 05, 2012 at 03:22 PM
No it doesn't. Because YOU live in Manchester, you hack. Thanks for asking, though!


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