Connecticut Death Penalty Repeal Making New Waves

The abolition, in April, of the state's death penalty law is bringing new attention to those inmates currently on death row.


The legislature's decision in April to Connecticut's death penalty is making new waves in the state's judicial circles, with one death row inmate arguing he should now not be put to death.

The was intended only for newly convicted capital felony inmates, not the 11 death row inmates currently incarcerated in Connecticut.

But one death row inmate has filed an appeal of his death penalty conviction, saying his sentence should not be carried out in light of the state's death penalty repeal, according to a Hartford Courant report.

The move by a defense attorney for one death row inmate raises the specter that all death row inmates, including the of the home invasion deaths of a Cheshire woman and her daughters, could file such appeals under the new law.

Keith G June 07, 2012 at 11:25 AM
Bottom line is no one is held accountable for their actions .. people are murdered every other day all for stupid reasons and when caught the consequences are minimal ... All the stupid laws are written and passed by the same people who will fight them .. It's a shame
DAVID DOBLER June 07, 2012 at 01:56 PM
The death penalty was abolished because our politicians and governor are too stupid to figure out how to fix the appeals process which appears to be very costly over life imprisonment. Of course, it was double costly because prisoners stay on death row for 30 years (costly) get 30 years of appeals (very costly) and then get executed or die of old age in prison. Prisoners that are executed but found not guilty afterward are the results of poor police investigations, old forensics, poor witnesses, someone not doing their job, or someone was framed to be the scapegoat. With the amount of crimes commited, it's impossible to solve EVERY case accurately let alone quickly. There ain't enough good guys on the scene. The statement that "executions deter crime" is not the point. Executions eliminate the criminal, provide closure to the victims family, and allow the law to get on with the next case. By the way, lethal injection is a farce. Is someone actiually concerned that the electric chair, hanging, gas chamber, or firing squad is inhumain? I guess it's OK to beat, rape, burn, dismember, and kill victims but some jerk out there says it's not OK to execute the "Bad Guys" in an inhumain way. What can I say, Connecticut Sucks !!!!! AGAIN...
Malvi Lennon June 07, 2012 at 08:41 PM
If for nothing other than a bargaining chip, the death penalty should be a tool in every prosecutor’s toolbox. There have been times when offering to not seek the death penalty has led a murderer reveal the whereabouts of the victim’s body so families may bring their loved one home a have a proper burial. With the science and technology available today I do not buy the argument of “wrongful conviction”. Juries do not like sentencing someone to die; it is a huge burden. No one would face the death penalty without prosecutors presenting the jury with a plethora of DNA evidence, forensic analysis, etc. By the time a person is actually, executed 12 people have agreed he/she is guilty, and deserves the ultimate punishment. In addition, several courts and justices have re-examined the evidence, trial procedures, etc. Therefore, the likelihood of an innocent person actually being executed is slim to none. The truth is many in Hartford including our Governor are soft on crime. hence abolishing the death penalty, and releasing prisoners early (including rapists and child molesters) for good behavior.
charles June 08, 2012 at 12:54 AM
You are exactly right, Susan! I want to make sure that these felons are in solitary confinement, but how can I know that we killed someone who was put on death row because of killing someone? How can we justify that?
charles June 08, 2012 at 12:57 AM
I agree Susan! I am a proud hardcore-liberal, and I wake up every morning with a smile on my face for being one.


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