Heat Shelter for Cats Causes Enfield Fire

The Brett Lane fire occurred after an attempt to keep outdoor cats warm.

Credit: Mark Zacaro, Fire Departments of Enfield
Credit: Mark Zacaro, Fire Departments of Enfield
The Hazardville Fire Department responded to a fire in the carport of a home on Brett Lane Thurs., Jan. 10, the department said.

According to the department, the department responded to the fire at 10:45 p.m.

The carport fire "was caused by a makeshift heating device consisting of an extension cord and a lamp," according to the department. 

The homeowner, according to Mark Zacaro of the Enfield Fire Departments, also created a nest of hay and was using the homemade warming shelter to help keep outdoor cats stay warm.

One of the home's occupants were treated on scene for smoke-related injuries, according to Zacaro.

No other injuries were reported.

The fire was reportedly contained to the carport and did not cause damage to the home.


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