Gillepsie Takes Back Board Seat

The appointment ends months of controversy over his empty seat.

Bob Gillepsie, a former member of the Board of Fire Commissioners in Thompsonville, has been re-appointed to the Board. He will fill the vacancy that he himself created with his controversial resignation last summer. 

The Board argued for months over whether to accept Gillepsie's resignation, which was sent via email to the fire department last summer. Gillepsie later attempted to rescind his resignation before the next scheduled meeting of the Board. 

While written minutes of the September 11 meeting stated that Gillepsie's resignation was accepted by the Board, an audio recording of the meeting indicated that a vote may not have been taken. 

The Board eventually agreed that Gillepsie's resignation left a vacancy, which they then filled by re-appointing Gillepsie. The five-member board voted him in, at 4-0-1 approval. 

Opinions on Gillepsie's suitability for the board vary: those who support him point to his experience, while those against him point to his resignation. 


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