Facebook Photo Causes Increased School Police Presence in Enfield

A photo posted to a local PTO page has caused concern, and police are responding with an investigation.

The Enfield Police Department is actively investigating the posting of a photo to the JFK Middle School PTO page, which has caused concern in the community.

As a result, the department has increased security at JFK Middle School, according to Hartford Courant report, which described the photo as "depicting the scope of a rifle."

Enfield Police also posted a message (which can be seen above) to its Facebook page, assuring residents that the matter is being looked into.

Dennis Nash January 09, 2014 at 03:25 PM
Now the question is what will all the progressive CT democrats do in the "UN - Constituional state" to further their agenda? Complete ban of computers? Banning facebook? after all it is "to protect the children". Passing draconian laws that violate law abideing citizens rights isn't a consern to daaaaaanno malloy and company. People that have never commited crimes in thier life are now felons due the progressive aganda to disarm the people..... why not ??manditory registration for monitoring of everyone that owns a computer "WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING" ! Lawbreakers and criminals alike will be sure to follow new laws, nevermind those that pesky Constitution.
Dino January 09, 2014 at 07:58 PM
Criminals will respect and conform to the new gun laws like our elected leaders (the ruling class) respect and conform to the Constitution. The important thing to our leaders is when a gun law fails because only the law abiding follow them, they will enact more gun laws. This loonieness will continue until enough of us as a society holds them to the constraints in the Constitution. Every time our "leaders" end run the Constitution it's weakened not just for gun owners but for every citizen, and they know it.


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