Tip of the Week: Take Steps to Avoid Carcinogens in Your Home

A study funded by the Avon Foundation found that chemicals we are around everyday such as gasoline, flame retardants, cleaning agents and by-products in drinking water cause breast cancer in lab rats and it’s possible they do the same for women.  While younger and younger women are being diagnosed with cancer it seems as though we should do more research on the carcinogens in the air we breathe every day and the effect they have on women.  You can take preventative care in avoiding these carcinogens by following some everyday steps.

·         Use a ventilation fan while cooking.

·         Do not burn or char your food. Burning and charring food creates carcinogens.

·         Do not cook with pans that have non-stick coatings.  They release odors that likely contain carcinogens when overheated. 

·         Buy non-chemical cleaning agents. Try using homemade substitutions such as baking soda, Vinegar lemon or Isopropyl Alcohol.

·         Do not buy clothing or furniture sprayed with flame retardants.

·         Do not buy stain-resistant carpet, furniture or fabrics.

·         Do not buy furniture with polyurethane foam.

·         Do not use Styrofoam.

·         Filter your water only with solid carbon block filters.


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