Tip of the Week: Showering Solution for those with AD

Although this observation does not apply to all, most individuals with Alzheimer's disease have trouble showering. The difficulty arises partly from the fact that the water is coming down from the showerhead and it startles them. They are so concerned with remembering everything that needs to be done in the shower, that when the water touches them from up above, it can actually frighten them. One method that may help in the showering process it to use a handheld showerhead. That way, they have a better understanding of where the water is coming from, making the shower experience less scary and less burdensome. 

Some stores that have handheld showerheads include the home depot, lowes, walmart, bed bath and beyond, and they are also sold on Amazon. There are many kinds of handheld showerheads, so be sure to shop around before choosing the best one for you and your loved one!

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