If you own a home on: Kimberly Dr., Michael Dr., Christopher Dr., Renee La, Sam St, Susan Circle, Roland St, Eileen Lane, Teach St and Neelans Rd Dear BUCKHORN NEIGHBORS!! This is really important. On Monday, June 3, at 7pm. The Town of Enfield will have a Town Council Meeting. There will be an update on the 2010 Roads Project. RUMOR HAS IT THAT BUCKHORN HAS BEEN TAKEN OFF THE LIST!!! Remember--WE VOTED ON A REFERANDUM FOR THE 2010 ROADS PROJECT THAT INCLUDED BUCKHORN. It is important that you tell the Town Council that the Buckhorn roads are put back on the list for 2014. Also, remind them that election time is right around the corner.

It is very important that we have a strong showing of families that live in this neighborhood. Our roads have not been touched since they built this development which was 27 years ago!!!! Other roads in Enfield have been re-done multiple times!!!! If you are tired of bottoming out your car, not allowing your kids to ride their bikes because of the road conditions or are afraid of walking the neighborhood because you could twist an ankle then please make every effort to attend the meeting.


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