The Magic of Creativity sculpture

Kerri and Barbara-The Magic of Creativity
Kerri and Barbara-The Magic of Creativity

As the Pearl Street Library in Enfield, Connecticut prepares for the commemorative celebration of its 100th Anniversary, THE MAGIC of CREATIVITY sculpture, exhibited at the library, is also being restored. 

The life sized plaster sculpture displayed in a sunny room at the library depicts a young boy deeply absorbed in painting a starry wizard. The wizard comes to life emerging from the surface, as a surprised wide-eyed girl points at the white haired sorcerer.  The sculpture, inspired by the cast figures of American POP Art sculptor George Segal, was the result of a community project created in 1993-1994. The project was coordinated by local artist Barbara Scavotto-Earley whose teaching career blissfully spanned over three decades.  Her enthusiastic crew of twenty-two youth, most of whom were her students, ranged in age from 6-17. They freely dedicated hours of time, ability and effort to the process.  The teamwork and camaraderie between the participants was extraordinary, admirable and wondrous; a highlight of Scavotto’s career. 

Johnson and Johnson Orthopedics of New Brunswick, New Jersey, the projects main sponsor, donated 100 pounds of PARISCRAFT-the sculpting medium used to cast the two young models.  Kerri Michaud-Bagley of Windsor, (now a high school teacher) shown in the attached photograph with Scavotto, her former teacher, was a dedicated crew member. Together they recently refurbished the sculpture for the Centennial festivities.

THE MAGIC of CREATIVITY is very popular at the library as viewers walk around the sculpture gazing at the frozen moment in time.  Originally dedicated at the Central Library, it was moved and adopted at the Pearl Street Library. A photo album of the crew in the process of casting the figures and assembling the work can be viewed by inquiring with the librarians.  Seeing these photographs gives a broader sensation and understanding of how the bodies and props were cast and the manner of joyfully working together towards a common goal. A plaque is also displayed with names of the crew chiefs, models, crew and sponsors. 


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