Who's Coming and Who's Going: Enfield Home Sales

There were nine home sales in Enfield in the past week, with a top price of $428,400.

The following real estate transactions were recorded in the Enfield Town Clerk's office through Dec. 20, 2012.

122 Moody Road - $327,000
Buyers: Christopher and Kimberly Miller
Sellers: Kimberly and Paul Mailhot

240 Pearl Street - $189,000
Buyer: Renee Roy
Seller: Brigitte Smith

19 Laurie Drive - $54,000
Buyer: Rehome Properties LLC
Seller: Alfred Bouchard

39 Dartmoor - $240,000
Buyer: Rochelle Hodes
Sellers: Lynne and Donald Bucalo

7 Rivercliff Lane - $428,400
Buyer: Michael Moore
Seller: Letourneau Bros. Construction LLC

169 Elm Meadows - $160,000
Buyers: David and Deborah Heon
Seller: Carol Radcliffe

28 St. James Avenue - $205,000
Buyer: Lucy Ruvolo
Sellers: David and Deborah Heon

69 Kalish Avenue - $246,000
Buyer: Cassandra Garlo
Sellers: Amanda and Bryan Cormier

51 Lincoln Street - $105,000
Buyer: Christopher Nai
Sellers: Daniel and Jane Zbikowski 


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