Who's Coming and Who's Going: Enfield Home Sales

There were 13 property transfers in Enfield in the past week, with a top price of $500,000.

The following real estate transfers were recorded in the Enfield Town Clerk's office through Nov. 8, 2012.

17 Pinecrest Road - $295,000
Buyer: William Villani
Seller: Susan Thompson

70 Laurel Street - $133,000
Buyer: Shane Starzyk
Seller: U.S. Bank National Association

42 Broad Leaf Lane - $150,000
Buyers: Megan and Michael Boshuyzen
Sellers: Ferdo and Ivan Bojic

23 Circle Drive - $225,000
Buyers: Megan and Leeshawn Williams
Seller: Estate of Mary Higley

24 Roosevelt Boulevard - $97,000
Buyers: Brian and Jeanne McLaughlin
Seller: Walter Fabrycki

85 Wynwood Drive - $128,000
Buyer: Anna Cranfill
Sellers: Frank Dejesu III, Laura Palczewski and James Dejesu

56 Elm Street, Unit 37 - $105,000
Buyers: Dianne and Larry Panciera
Sellers: Jerzy and Stanislawa Olbrycht

Mullen Road - $500,000
Buyer: R & L Mullen Rd. LLC
Seller: Marilyn Tyler

14 Cranbrook Boulevard - $390,000
Buyer: Sybil Williams
Seller: Amy DiFazio

2 Misty Meadow Road - $312,000
Buyer: Elizabeth Snead
Sellers: Jon and Patricia Barbalich

22 Queen Street - $189,000
Buyers: Jerzy and Stanislawa Olbrycht
Sellers: Jeremy and Stacy Corbin

King Street - $352,500
Buyer: Leason Roi LLC
Seller: Tri-State Rentals LLC

92 Putnam Lane - $177,000
Buyer: Amber Preston
Seller: Marc Giupponi 

Megan Williams November 09, 2012 at 04:21 PM
So happy both myself and my good friend Amber became homeowners the same week!


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