Stated Commercial Mortgage Loans


NORTHEAST FINANCIAL Offers stated Commercial Mortgage Loan programs and provide financing for borrowers that don’t qualify for one of the conforming commercial or apartment loan programs, or that have been declined for bank financing.
Many of our clients are challenged with some of the following issues: lack of ability to provide income, property constraints, tenant issues, borrower credit, high DSCR, seasoning challenges  as well as others.
NORTHEAST FINANCIAL’S Stated Commercial Loan programs provide an opportunity for you to  purchase or refinance an Investment or a Commercial property at a competitive rate with reduced documents or stated income options.
The Stated Income Program does not require personal or business tax returns,  individual fiscal documents, and has no monthly or even yearly reporting demands. Please Keep In Mind: The subject property will need to cash flow.  Subject real estate rent rolls, as well as income and expense statements are required. We use the appraisal rents to determine income and focus on the commercial property. Stated income commercial loans require fewer documents and offer greater underwriting flexibility. Underwriting with a greater risk tolerance, not based on bank savings or depository reserves, allows us to avoid the many limiting banking covenants placed on traditional commercial lending. Due to this fact,  we approve as well as close commercial loans that banking institutions have historically turned down
What you need to know:


Up to 75% loan to value*No personal tax returnsMinimum FICO 600 mid scoreEasier quicker closings25 Year Fixed OptionsFully Amortized 30/30 , Fixed  for 3 years, w/ 3 years Prepayment Terms


Type of Commercial Real Estate considered
Multifamily – Apartments (5+  units) (*Tier I)Mixed Use PropertiesCommercial Condo’sOfficeRetailWarehouseSelf StorageAutomotive Services (no gas  stations on this program)

Learn more on how our stated income commercial loan programs can help you.Call me today to discuss your commercial mortgage loan and our Stated Program.
Thank you,
Chris Adams / Vice President Commercial Lending Northeast Financial
860-788-7237 (office)



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