Science Fiction Convention in Enfield Welcomes Fans and Newcomers

8Pi-Con incorporates a multitude of fandoms into one weekend-long convention.

Filkers, larping and a steampunk tea party may sound nonsensical to the uninitiated ear, but 8Pi-Con's events this weekend in Enfield are geared toward people who know exactly what those words mean.

8Pi-Con is the eighth annual convention for a diverse group of fandoms — people who celebrate gadgetry and gaming, space opera and science fiction, vampires and costumes and geekery galore.

The convention takes place from June 27 to 29 in the Enfield Holiday Inn on Bright Meadow Boulevard. The schedule includes tea tasting, vaudeville, a drum circle and dance, with "more than 80 panels, presentations, performances, readings and special events," according to the Pi-Con website.

For those unfamiliar with all the aspects of 8Pi-Con, the website invites newcomers "if you’re into any of the fandoms we celebrate, or even just into hanging out with a bunch of friendly geeks."

So someone would surely explain that a filker writes music based on types of fandom or works of fiction, larping is the action of live action role play and a steampunk tea party could be inspired by western industrialization and the British Victorian era.

Pre-registration is closed, but registration at the door is $55 for the full weekend ($35 for students). Day rates are $25 for Friday, $35 for Saturday and $10 for Sunday.


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