Scantic River Park West is not SIX FLAGS WATER PARK!!!

My wife and I took our dog for a walk June 26'th to let the dog have a nice trail walk and be able to cool off in the river. What is happening? Seems the whole area has been completely disrespected. Full of people from Massachusetts drinking and have full day camps set up. multiple fires going, garbage everywhere... people being very incosiderate. Whitnessed a Red van get backed into in the parking lot. The woman (from Massachusetts) get's out to talk to the man (Also Massachusetts Plates) he say's "I have no registration, and no insurance" he leaves.

As a tax paying resident of Enfield This can't be allowed to persist. Is there a way to have non residents charged a small/simple Fee for entering? doesn't seem like a stretch! Something has to be done about this. I gaurantee a small fee would drive the type of people coming to this location out. We have how many Police officers in this town? and nothing can be done. I call it pure Laziness on one's part to not have control on this serious issue.

Patti June 27, 2014 at 05:59 PM
Tyler, This is the same thing that happen 2 years ago. thats why all the no parking signs went up. That was Enfields answer to people from Mass coming down and making a huge mess. We wanted Enfield to put a Forest Ranger to moniter the park and charge people from Mass that didnt happen either. I guess the only time the town will do something is when something bad happen there!!


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