Parkway Pavilion Healthcare Senior Prom Hosted by JFK Community Service Club Students

Students from JFK Middle School Community Service Club Students hosted Prom Night at Parkway Pavilion Healthcare on May 17. Twenty-five students escorted, dined and danced with Parkway Pavilion Healthcare residents at their annual Senior Prom. “An Evening in the Garden” was the theme of this year’s event. The event them, as well as decorations, favors and centerpieces are created by the Community Service Club students. Students of the JFK Community Service Club meet weekly throughout the school year. Students host events three times a year for the residents which have included Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Veterans Day and Christmas themed events. The JFK Community Service Club, initiated in 1999 by JFK Teacher Barbara Hargraves, includes 7th and 8th grade students who give of themselves to improve the lives of others. Mrs. Hargraves will be retiring this year from JFK. Diane Sokol, Recreation Director at Parkway Pavilion Healthcare stated “I am so grateful for Barbara’s commitment to Parkway all these years. Her leadership has been beneficial to both the students and our residents. All of us at Parkway wish her well in her retirement.”


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