Bright Horizons Celebrates 100th Day of School!

Adding the last of our 100 pictures to our three foot tall 100.
Adding the last of our 100 pictures to our three foot tall 100.

The Kindergarten Prep class at Bright Horizons Brightmeadow center know how to make every day count!  Since September, they have been keeping track of how many days they have been in school.  By using a variety of items, the children counted up to 100, and last week they finally made it and planned a celebration to mark this special day!

They traced, cut out and decorated 100 handprints, using the hands of classmates and teachers, arranged them in groups of ten, and decorated the hallway to see how large 100 hands really are.  They also worked on completing 100 piece puzzles and strung necklaces of 100 cheerios.  The children worked together to fill a poster with 100 photos of their class at work.  Each child was asked to make a collection of 100 items of their choice and to dress as if they were 100 years old (this was so much fun!).  This number lesson was extended into science when the children made hypotheses guessing which collections would be heavier, and wrote their guess in their writing journals using inventive spelling. 

All in all, this group of four year olds, had lots of fun while using a variety of skills that they have been working on this year so far.    


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