Mr. Potter's dance classes for children combine all forms of dance: Ballet, Tap Dance and Jazz Dance/Hip Hop. The kids love the variety each week in class! Mr. Potter is a very educated (Masters Degree in Dance Education) and "technical teacher" and so his students learn correct dance technique and dance terminology. A long time motto of his has been, "I teach your child HOW to dance, not just A dance!". In addition to the quality dance training each child receives, they also have the fun of learning dance routines. Mr. Potter teaches all the classes so parents are assured of quality dance training. DANCE RECITAL: Each year Mr. Potter creates a very enjoyable and entertaining dance recital for his students, their parents and the audience. Through choreographed dance routines, the performance showcases what the students have learned during the school year. But the recital is not the primary focus of the dance season. The recital is a part of the whole dance season..."I teach your child HOW to dance, not just A dance!". For more information, call David Potter at (860) 749-7527 or visit him on facebook.com/David Potter Dance Studio.


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